Teen who made 'murder spree' threat on social media in police custody

Teen who made 'murder spree' threat on social media in police custody
Cameron Kyles (Source: Middletown Police)

MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - Middletown Police have 16-year-old Cameron Kyles in custody after they said he made threats on social media.

He told police he is going to "race, b@#$h, F@#k, Middletown Police." He also allegedly said he would kill a local news team and go on a "murder spree."

Kyles recently changed his profile picture on Facebook which now depicts him holding three guns, police said.

"They appear to be real guns," said Lt. Scott Reeve with Middletown police. "Best case scenario is his family is able to get their hands on him and peacefully turn him over to us."

Kyles was released from Butler County Juvenile Justice Center for two days to celebrate Christmas. He did not return to the facility. Police went to the residence in the 600 block of Louis Place where he was staying and they told police he snuck out and never returned.

Police said the 16-year-old has been in trouble with the law in the past.

He was charged with inducing panic after allegedly making threats about having a gun at Middletown High School, but police said that wasn't true.

Last year, police said he was arrested for a domestic violence incident at his residence.

As of Tuesday, police said Kyles boasted about being involved in a shooting in Central Avenue, which they said was not true.

"We are concerned," Reeve said. "This is obviously a man in turmoil. He's had troubles in the past. He does have some psychological problems and for whatever reason he wants some notoriety and unfortunately he's getting it."

FOX19 NOW chose to identify the teen because he was wanted by police.

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