Man says 'you do whatever you can' in his struggle with homelessness

Man says 'you do whatever you can' in his struggle with homelessness
Frank Schneider

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The passing of Ken Martin at a Government Square bus stop has sparked a Tri-State wide conversation about homelessness.

"Yeah, it's always surprising," Frank Schneider said. "You wish he would have made his way down to the cold shelter or something because there are places to help."

Schneider said he has battled homelessness for the last two years and said sometimes shelter space is limited.

"You have to wait till 7 at night, you're out at 6 in the morning and you're pretty much on your own out there through all that time," Schneider said.

The man who was once a married homeowner said things are extremely difficult for those who can't find a shelter with space.

"You're stuck, you're stuck. You build a camp, you build a fire, you do whatever you can," Schneider said. "…you ever see the 'Flinstones meet the Jetsons'? Yeah, that's about what it is."

As temperatures fall into the single digits, the Northern Kentucky Emergency Shelter announced they would open their doors 24 hours a day until at least next Monday.

"It's very much a struggle," Schneider said. "You think you're there and one little thing can knock you back down to the bottom."

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