Families of Cincinnati's unsolved murders desperate for answers

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The group, U Can Speak For Me, is putting out the faces of Cincinnati's unsolved murders in hopes of receiving some answers for the families still searching for justice.

In District 1 alone, there are three pages of unsolved murders.

"Three pages," said Hope Dudley, who found U Can Speak For Me a decade ago after losing her son Daniel. "Actually 52 people on this flyer, at the bottom of each poster, is a picture of my son, to remind me of why I do what I do."

She, like so many families, never got closure.

"Families are dependent on you to actually speak up and say what you know about these homicides," said Dudley.

La-Tanya McClure said losing her nephew Jimmie Patterson was life-altering, his death being the first homicide of 2009, after getting gunned down at a party late New Year's Eve at a Queensgate hotel.

"When you lose a loved one to gun violence, you never find any closure," said McClure.

What makes it worse is, there were nearly 400 others at the same party and nobody knows who shot and killed him.

"My sister was one of the bartenders at the party that night. He died in her arms," said McClure. I watched my sister grieve herself to death, we lost her two years later."

McClure has dedicated part of her life to try finding some peace. She said she needs help from you, but it's a real challenge nine years later.

She hopes the posters with the faces of victims in all the unsolved murders in the city will trigger a conversation, which would end years of not knowing what happened.

"More people know than don't know," McClure said.

For Gina McPherson, after the murder of her brother Ambrose Foster on Sept. 2, 2013 she said she fell apart.

"I became a recluse in my own home. I emotionally shut down," she said.

She retreated from life.

"We're all suffering because of it but once you take that life, dying doesn't stop there. It's murdered the spirits of many people that loved him. They've murdered a future for his children," said McPherson.

Foster was renovating a shoe store in downtown Cincinnati at the corner of Race & Liberty when he got a phone call.

"He stepped outside to go see who it was that called him and was gunned down," said McPherson.

"If there's 52 faces on this homicide list, there's 52 murderers running around on our streets," said Dudley.

"Somebody knows something and if it was your loved one, you'd want the same thing," said McClure.

The CrimeStoppers number is on the posters and the playing cards. If you think you know or saw anything which could help police solve these murders, call 513-352-3040.

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