Police warn of woman going door-to-door asking for money to help the troops

PLEASANT RIDGE, OH (FOX19) - Police are warning residents in the Pleasant Ridge area to be on the lookout for a woman going around asking for donations to help the troops- neighbors are saying its a scam.

Residents said she is telling two different stories as she goes from house to house asking for donations.

"She said she was a student at UC. She was collecting money for a trip to sponsor a trip abroad for her to Spain," Eamonn Coleman said.

Residents have said the scammer is very nice and convincing. So much so, many even invited her in.

Several have said she has gone door to door and street to street trying to collect cash to send care packages to the troops.

"She was very smooth... I mean she never dropped a beat. I asked her if she knew the guy across the street and she said 'the guy in the brick house... yeah I haven't met him' I mean, it was right on," one resident said.

After giving her the $40 she asked for, the mystery woman, who claims to live in the neighborhood, was gone.

Eamonn Coleman got a funny feeling and put a post on Facebook. He soon learned others had the same encounter and the woman's story changed. It went between raising money for a class trip to Spain and raising money for care packages for the troops.

"It's sad that there are people out there doing this and taking advantage of people... but I was frustrated. But it was more about the facts that she was using things like the troops and stuff like that to me that was the most annoying I think," Coleman said.

Police said there is nothing they can really do about this, but said if you see her don't give her your money.

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