80-year-old remains in hospital after car slams into home

SPRINGFIELD TWP, OH (FOX19) - An 80-year-old Springfield Township woman remains in the hospital after a car ran into her home hitting her early Thursday morning on the Pippin Rd.

Plyboards now cover the large hole in the front of the house after a driver swerved off the road ramming his car right into the living room hitting 80-year-old Juanita Patrick.

FOX19 NOW spoke to Vicky Taylor, Patrick's niece on the phone about the crash.

"The couch was in three pieces so we pretty much expected the worst. She was on the couch pinned between the car and the wall and they had to cut part of the wall out to get her from one of the bedrooms and then cut the couch up to get to her," said Taylor.

Police said Chaz Henry was behind the wheel. According to police, he was involved in a domestic dispute earlier in the night and took off with his girlfriend's car.

Police said Henry lost control while trying to get away from an officer and ended parked inside Patrick's house.

The crash still didn't slow him down, they said. He climbed over Patrick jumping out of a bedroom window to get away but was arrested soon after by Springfield Twp. police.

"I hope he pays," said Taylor.

Her aunt is now recovering in the hospital with severe bruises, fractions and a concussion but is expected to be okay. However, the family said she is worried sick about where her dog Daisy is.

Daisy was on the couch with Patrick before the car barged in and now the dog gone.

"We've went through every bit of rubble we could through the house. We moved all the pieces of everything dug through the brick and the rubble in the front yard there's no sign of her," said Taylor.

The family has been back to the house a couple of times searching outside in the bitter cold trying to find the dog without any luck. They are asking their neighbors to keep a lookout.

The family is hoping that Patrick is released from the hospital on Friday. Unfortunately, she and her husband won't be able to go home right away because of the heavy damage.

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