Warmer temps keep crews busy with reports of pipes bursting

Warmer temps keep crews busy with reports of pipes bursting

NORTHSIDE, OH (FOX19) - Warmer temperatures kept Cincinnati fire crews busy responding to several reports of pipes bursting Monday and early Tuesday.

Firefighters went on runs to clean up water after pipes burst in Clifton and Northside, most recently in the 4300 block of Virginia Avenue about 3 a.m. Tuesday, according to Cincinnati Fire District 3.

The flooding at that residence was so bad, fire officials summoned Greater Cincinnati Water Works.

They also concerns over the structural integrity of the building, so they asked the city's building department to respond and inspect it.

Further details were not immediately available from fire officials, and Water Works employees referred questions to administrators who will not arrive for work until later this morning.

Fire officials said they expect calls to continue Tuesday as temperatures rise from a morning low in the upper 20s to 40 degrees by this afternoon.

Pipes burst when water thaws and begins to flow, but runs into other, still frozen parts of the pipe and builds up pressure, fire officials said.

For more information, contact Greater Cincinnati Water Works: 513-591-7700.

To report a water line break or water quality issue, press 2 to speak with an on-duty person 24 hours a day.

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