1982 Freezer Bowl: A look back at the historic Bengals game 36 years later

1982 Freezer Bowl: A look back at the historic Bengals game 36 years later
Shirtless Cincinnati Bengals fans are joined by another in a snowmobile suit as they cheer on the Bengals in the AFC championship game in Cincinnati, Jan. 10, 1982. Temperature at the game was minus 9 degrees. (AP Photo)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Chief Meteorologist Steve Horstmeyer looks back at covering the 1982 Freezer Bowl:

During my career, I will occasionally experience something I will never forget.  January 10, 1982, when the Bengals beat the San Diego Chargers for the AFC Championship, was one of those days.

After it was over, the game was in the history books for more than the 27-7 Bengals win.  It was one of the coldest NFL games in history, and it was not even in Minnesota or Green Bay.

I was broadcasting from the field of Riverfront Stadium for more than 8 hours in bone-chilling, teeth-chattering, below zero cold.

The official low that day was -14 degrees and the official high was -4 degrees, a tie for the coldest high temperature in Cincinnati history. In fact, a high temperature below zero is very rare in Cincinnati and only 5 dates have ever had high temperatures below zero here.

Despite the arctic temperature, the wind chill stole the show.  Faithful Bengals fans had to thaw from a -59 degree wind chill temperature. But science has progressed and rewritten history, and the wind chill formula in use today would put that chill at -37 degrees.

I swear, it felt more like -59°.

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