Schools warn parents about vaping trend

ANDERSON TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - Parents in Anderson Township are being warned about a vaping trend in the schools. The superintendent of the Forest Hills School District recently sent a letter to parents telling them to look for signs that your child may be smoking.

The e-cigarette now comes in many forms, it can look like an inhaler, a pen or USB flash drive and with nicotine flavors like cherry and strawberry. It's a trend that is attracting more teens including students at Forest Hills schools.

Jamie Raines has a student at the High School and says he comes in contact with it almost every day.

"He sees it. He says not only in the bathrooms. He tries to avoid certain bathrooms but also they'll do it in class," she said.

Raines said she's not sure how the kids are getting ahold of the cigarettes when you have to be 18 to purchase them. She's also baffled by how they are getting away with vaping in the schools.

"It's pretty obvious because he's like there's so much smoke so I don't know how they keep it hidden. I just wish the teachers or administration would do something," she said.

Superintendent Scot Prebles is trying to crack down on the problem. Last week he sent a letter to parents telling them to look for unfamiliar gadgets at home, and to be cautious of fruity aromas or your child suddenly becoming sensitive to caffeine.

"It's hard you have to kind of snoop around without getting caught, yeah it's tough," said Jeffrey Hazlett. His daughter goes to the Middle School. He's surprised kids so young are jumping in on the trend.

"My biggest thing is, I don't know what's in the stuff," he said.

Studies are still being done on how electronic cigarettes affect the body but they do contain carcinogens, nicotine or THC.

Raines said she hopes the kids are educated about the dangers and that is will be enough for them to put the e-cigs down.

"My mom was a smoker and passed away. She had COPD so my kids are very adamant about not having anything to do with any type of smoking," she said.

The superintendent said they have caught some students vaping in the schools and those students have faced disciplinary action. Prebles said parents talking to their children is the first step get them to quit vaping.

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