Handcuffed, shackled inmate attempts escape from courthouse

Handcuffed, shackled inmate attempts escape from courthouse

BUTLER COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - The Butler County Sheriff's Office said a man attending a court hearing on Wednesday attempted to flee from the courthouse, but was caught handcuffed and shackled ten minutes later.

Sheriff Richard Jones said David Combs was facing petty theft charges, but now has added felony escape to his record.

Jones said Combs went out a side door of the courthouse when the alarm malfunctioned and was able to be opened.

Someone who spotted him outside gave him a sweater after appearing to be cold.

"He made it about a block and a half before someone called and snitched on him. I like snitches," Jones said.

Combs was picked up by the Hamilton Police Department.

"I'd like to thank Hamilton Police for responding so quickly and taking him into custody. Maybe if he'd had more friends or a better plan he could have gotten a bit further. We get about one or two a year that flee or walk away but our track record on catching them is pretty impeccable," Jones said.

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