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Gas Prices Impact All Prices

   In the Cincinnati area prices for a gallon of unleaded gasoline reached the $2.70 mark.  That record is mirroring record setting prices for the benchmark barrel of crude oil.  Crude oil is going now (Aug. 16) for more than $66 a barrel.  Those in the transportation and import business in the Tri-State say they're having to pass on their new fuel costs to their customers who then pass the expense on to all of us.  Shannon Tanner with Miami Valley Worldwide, Inc. says some haulers who carry container shipments from the railroad yards in Cincinnati are charging a 20% fuel surcharge on top of delivery costs and waiting fees.  Trash haulers Rumpke Incorporated has to fuel 1200 trucks every day costing the firm around $100,000 for every 8 hour day.  On the bright side if you only have to haul yourself around town maybe a moped will get the job done.  A nice one costs $1300, gets 100 mpg, but only goes 35 mph!

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