Rescue: Dog offered for free on social media saved from starvation

Rescue: Dog offered for free on social media saved from starvation

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The volunteers at Sweet Dream House Rescue are elated they were able to save a dog from near death.

The rescue operation saw a social media post by a man giving the dog away for free. They did not identify who that man was, but did say he lives about an hour and a half outside of Cincinnati.

"Wicket" is the dog's new name and he is almost 2-years-old, according to the veterinarian.

He should weigh about 17 pounds, according to Bonnie Brown with Sweet Dream Rescue. Instead, he was just seven pounds when he was rescued.

Brown said the owner was sent many angry messages when Wicket was placed on social media.

"He was bombarded by angry messages, and hateful comments," Brown said. The messages and comments resulted in the post being taken down.

The 2-year-old had never been wormed and they believe he was within two days of dying.

"You get angry and you don't really know the circumstances but you really want to go and find the person and say 'how could you let this happen,'" Brown said.

Wicket is now with a volunteer near Goshen and is said to be eating better and gaining weight.

Brown said you should never offer a dog online for free because of the dangers it possess to the dog.

"If you put a dog for free on social media anyone can snap it up," she said. "There are large dog fighting rings and they will use it as a bate dog. Before you know it that dog is dead that you love so much."

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