Help find service dog stolen from KY veteran

RICHWOOD, KY (FOX19) - A Richwood, Kentucky veteran who suffers from seizures had his service dog stolen last Friday during the snow storm.

The dog, Gunner, is crucial for the veteran's safety. He alerts family members when Bryan Vallandingham is having seizures.

"He would notify us if Bryan was getting ready to have a seizure. He would tell us by sitting in front of him by laying across him or just barking randomly at Bryan so he would notify us and give us time to get him in a safe situation so he wouldn't hurt himself," his wife, Kimberly said.

Bryan is a 14 year Army veteran. He was released for medical reasons and Gunner is his service dog.

The family got him three years ago, and he grew into a member of the family - also Bryan's caretaker until he was taken on Friday.

"Bryan put the dog outside on his tie out. He stood there for five minutes watching Gunner play in the snow and then having to go to the restroom. When he got back from the restroom he went to go let Gunner in... and he was gone," Kimberly said.

Now after serving our country, Bryan needs your help. His wife said his stress-related seizures have gotten worse since he's been gone.

"It just happens... so It can be in the store, him outside in the yard or just getting out of bed. They come on whenever. Stress-related is even worse, so right now it's even harder on him," Kimberly said. "Bring him home, bring him up put him on his tie... there will be no questions asked. Nothing said to you, just bring him home."

If you see Gunner, you can contact Kimberly Vallandingham.

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