Possible government shutdown could impact area businesses

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - The US Senate is voting on a deal to tangle with the looming government shutdown. One woman said politicians in Washington often forget their actions can have real effects on real people.

Just across the street from the IRS in Covington, you'll find Carol Worthman who works at Nick and Tony's.

When she's not totaling up orders, the 74-year-old is busing tables five days a week.

She said she and her co-workers depend on the employees at the IRS building to keep business popping. So a government shutdown she said would hurt.

"We would probably lose about 75 to 80 percent of our business," Worthman said.

She feels if she and her co-workers can do their job - why can't the people in Washington.

"Why wait till the last minute and then they say, 'well this is just until February 16th.' So does that mean in three more weeks we have to listen to this again," Worthman said.

It's unclear if Washington will cook up a long term solution. That uncertainty is not good for people and businesses that depend on the business of places like the IRS.

The last shutdown was in 2013 - it lasted 16 days.

"It would hurt... it would hurt a lot... it would hurt lots and lots of people. It's a trickle down effect," Worthman said.

What dose a shutdown really mean?

All "non-essential" government employees would be placed on unpaid leave. That means national parks and museums would close.

Unemployment benefits and other government assistance may be delayed. However, essential services such as the TSA, FBI, Border Patrol and the Military will continue.

It's important to note that social security, medicare and medicaid benefits will not be impacted by the shutdown.

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