Getting Serious About Gang Violence

Notorious gangs The Crips and The Bloods have both tried to recruit in Cincinnati with no success. But police say DVD's sold on our streets for $10 dollars are an example of how some young men are still impressed by the gang life. Video obtained by FOX 19 shows how proud some teens are of drugs, guns, and rolls of cash. Wednesday the Cincinnati Police Department will formalize a new gang task force. One of the goals: reach out to unsupervised children. Diamond Smith a Mt. Auburn 16 year old and Jalissa Wilson a Price Hill 17 year old, are teenagers who say they've seen how police officers have to enforce laws and raise children. Smith tells FOX 19, "The kids don't want to listen to police because they're not their parents. But the parents aren't doing it." Wilson says, "They (children) are not listening because they were brought up not listening because their parents weren't there." The teenagers who spent their summer as paid interns for the Cincinnati Recreation Commission advise parents and police to consistently set the right example for children before it's too late.