Police find empty house after hostage scare leads to SWAT standoff

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - After an hours-long standoff, SWAT officials made a "dynamic entry" into a Butler County home only to find the residence empty Sunday.

Authorities believed someone had been taken hostage inside the Pater Avenue house, according to Fairfield Township Police Captain Doug Lanier. SWAT units were at the scene for several hours and could be heard repeatedly instructing someone to "come out with your hands up."

The standoff started shortly after police were called to the residence for a domestic incident around 2 p.m., Lanier said.

"When they [officers] got there, the house was boarded up. They could not get a response from anyone inside. They attempted several times to get a hold of people via phone and everything else. At that point they decided to stand down and contact the SWAT Team because we determined it was possible a hostage situation."

SWAT arrived at the scene around 3:30 p.m.

By 8 p.m., the standoff ended with the discovery that the home was empty.

"We made a dynamic entry. There was no subjects in the house at all," Butler County Major Mike Craft said.

No arrests have been made.

Authorities have not released details on the "domestic incident" that prompted the initial response. They later determined that the individuals involved in the incident likely fled the house shortly after police arrived.

"It's a good resolve. Nobody was injured, no officers were injured. We cleared the scene, did things appropriately," Craft said.

The Butler County Sheriff's Office will investigate and determine whether charges will be filed.

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