Woman accused of stealing dogs in Adams County cuts deal with prosecutors

Woman accused of stealing dogs in Adams County cuts deal with prosecutors
Salser and Yost. Source: Adams Co. Jail
Salser and Yost. Source: Adams Co. Jail

ADAMS COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - One of two women charged in an Adams County dog theft case now knows her sentence.

Olivia Yost and Molly Salser were jailed in Adams County on charges of petty theft and tampering with evidence. The investigation into the women began a few weeks ago when deputies received a report about a missing dog named Charlie whose owners believed he had been stolen.

While investigators were looking into Charlie's disappearance, a resident said she spotted two women she believed to be Yost and Salser suspiciously driving around a nearby neighborhood.

She said the two tried but failed, to lure her relative's dog into their car.

A few hours later, the investigation led deputies to the women's mobile home in Peebles. Officials said they found Charlie and 16 other dogs there. Both women were arrested, and all of the 17 dogs were removed from the home.

Witnesses have come forward with information that suggests Yost and Salser may have been planning to sell the stolen animals for a profit. Social media posts show that in recent years, Yost has at least attempted to sell, if not sold, dogs online, at prices ranging from $100 to $500.

Salser made a deal with prosecutors this week. She won't spend any more time behind bars. She cannot speak to Yost or go to the house where the dogs were found.

Yost is still facing charges. She pleaded not guilty in her first court appearance.

Yost has a criminal history in Highland County that could play a role in this case. The dog warden there said she was charged with animal cruelty and is currently on probation.

The Adams County Sheriff's Office is asking that if you recognize any of the dogs that were recovered, and they belong to you or you know the owners, please contact the Adams County Dog Pound at 937-544-2431. If your dog is recovered, and you want to pursue theft charges, contact the Adams County Sheriff Office at 937-544-2314.

To protect your pets, officials recommend keeping an eye on them at all times any time they are outside. They also suggest keeping your animals inside fenced areas and/or on leashes. If you see unusual activity, document it if possible, and report what you know to police.

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