P&G CEO on Tide Pod challenge: 'Warnings can't prevent intentional abuse'

The P&G headquarters in downtown Cincinnati (File)
The P&G headquarters in downtown Cincinnati (File)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Procter and Gamble's CEO penned a blog post on Monday addressing the Tide Pod challenge.

If you don't know what the Tide Pod challenge is, click or tap here to read more. In short, teens are eating them (and filming it).

You can read the full statement below, but in essence, David Taylor is asking adults to talk to the young people in their lives.

"Labels and warnings can't prevent intentional abuse fueled by poor judgment and the desire for popularity," he writes.

Here's the full post:

Like parents everywhere, I can make a pretty good argument that my kids are the greatest. And, like parents everywhere, beyond keeping them safe, one of my greatest responsibilities was to prepare them to be responsible adults.

The pods have generally been hit a for P&G, but shortly after introducing the product in 2012, the company said it would create a double-latch lid to deter young children from accessing and eating them, according to the Associated Press.

Tide is owned by Cincinnati-based P&G.

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