Family of Tara Turner raises reward for information in her disappearance, death

FALMOUTH, KY (FOX19) - Nearly two years after Tara Turner's disappearance and death, the Falmouth woman's loved ones are raising the reward for information in hopes of getting justice.

As the clock ticks by, the devastating reality that Turner is gone is still settling in.

"I miss Tara every day," Patricia Weaver, Turner's sister said. "I know we'll get justice. I just don't know when."

Turner was a mother, a sister and a friend and deeply impacted those around her.

"It's been rough, especially with the two-year mark coming up," Weaver said.

On January 31, 2016, Turner's family members' lives changed for good. That's the day Turner was last seen at the California Market.

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A "boyfriend" of sorts driving a black truck reportedly dropped her off there.

Almost a month later, following endless searches for Turner, her body showed up at Snag Creek in Bracken County.

"Just days before that, one of our family members dragged the area where she was found, so we know she wasn't there [before]," Jessica Turner-Rapier, Turner's sister, said.

Details about Turner's death are limited.

The Bracken County Coroner has said that marijuana and alcohol were found in Turner's system, but there was no trace of any other drugs.

Her cause of death was ruled consistent with drowning. According to the coroner, the manner of death could not be determined, which means investigators have not determined whether it was accidental.

Her family said they know it was not an accident.

"She didn't go swimming. How do you drown if you didn't get in the water yourself," Turner-Rapier said. "Somebody had to have put her there."

"We know who did it," Weaver said. "It's just a point of proving it."

While Turner's loved ones hunt for answers in honor of her, they're doing what they can to keep her memory alive: creating t-shirts, painting rocks and putting up billboards.

They are also raising the reward for information from $10,000 to $30,000.

"Give us justice. Give us that peace of mind of knowing what happened to her because that could be your brother, sister, aunt, uncle," Turner-Rapier said.

Kentucky State Police investigators were not available to give an update on the case.

The Bracken County Coroner said that he has not received any new information or updates on Turner's death.

Turner's family is planning on hosting an event on the anniversary of the day her body was discovered.

They also have a Facebook page where they share memories of Turner called "Justice for Tara Turner."

If you have information on the case, contact Kentucky State Police Post Six at 859-428-1212.

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