Cov Cath sophomore's melody performed by Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra


CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A sophomore at Cov Cath wrote a melody that was performed Wednesday by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.

It's an amazing feat considering he's only 16 and the symphony is more than 120 years old. Nevertheless, musicians brought his notes to life, filling Music Hall which has been restored to its former glory.

"My grandma played piano and she's the one who got me into it and my parents kept me going through it and I've always been inspired that way," said John Lawrie, a Covington Catholic High School sophomore.

The melody Lawrie wrote sat in front of professional musicians with the Cincinnati Symphony as Grandma, who inspired him to take up piano 12 years ago, was there to see and hear what her musical spark created.

The sounds started as an extra credit English assignment. The piece is called America's Proud Lullaby, inspired by Mark Flanigan's poem The Bell Ringer's Song.

"It's about showing our American pride. Even though somewhat through a bad past and some bad things have happened, but it's also been the good, so each in our daily lives we have to be proud that we are American and we still have this freedom," said Lawrie.

The sweeping inspiring melody that he composed reminds us all that we do have the freedom to dream, a sentiment the musicians brought to life in a building that drips musical history from its 150-year-old walls.

"That's one on my dreams -- to play the piano for the orchestra maybe write a few pieces for the orchestra as well. It's a just a dream come true kind of," Lawrie said.

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