VIDEO: Man accused in jail assault attacks deputies in Campbell County courtroom

Mikael Hugenberg (Campbell County Jail)
Mikael Hugenberg (Campbell County Jail)

NEWPORT, KY (FOX19) - A 34-year-old northern Kentucky man is facing assault charges against two Campbell County deputies after he attacked them during jury selection for his trial.

The incident took place Monday.

"He was sitting at his defense table and he tried to approach the jury," said Campbell County attorney, Steve Franzen. "The deputies asked him not to approach the jury and he got up and charged toward the jurors again and the deputies go in between them. He ended up slugging one of our deputies, knocking him down and actually, injured two deputies."

Mikael Hugenberg was about to stand trial for assaulting a deputy at the Campbell County jail when he got up and approached the jury. He was subdued when deputies activated a stun gun on Hugenberg's leg, according to Franzen.

Hugenberg could be heard yelling, "You are under arrest," as deputies were handcuffing him.

"What are you doing?" yelled Hugenberg. "Get off of me. You are under arrest. You are under arrest for assault. These people just shocked me and assaulted me."

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"He was sitting there ready for trial," said Franzen. "He wasn't handcuffed, he wasn't shackled. We don't shackle people while they are at trial."

After the judge cleared the potential jurors from the courtroom, Hugenberg was taken back to his cell at the Campbell County jail. His case was back before the judge on Tuesday but Hugenberg's attendance was through video monitoring.

He was sentenced to one year in jail for the initial assault on a deputy. Franzen said Hugenberg faces additional charges for assaulting the deputies in the courtroom.

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