Tired of robocalls? Here's what you can do

Tired of robocalls? Here's what you can do

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Nearly half of all calls made on any given day are robocalls. Nearly 31 billion of them were made this past year.

That means that every one of us got about 100 of them. And while they can make you cringe, they might also be worth some cash.

Robocalling is a booming business. The Federal Trade Commission has received so many complaints about the calls its commissioner says it is the agency's top consumer protection priority.

But until the government comes up with a solution to the problem -- what can you do?

If you want to block a landline, a company called Nomorobo will do it for free. The company charges $1.99 per month per device to block calls to your cellphone.

You can also put your cell number on the do not call registry for free.

Dozens of companies have been sued for violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and have been forced to pay out class action settlements to consumers. If you've received calls from M3 Financial Services, Miami Research Associates about a flu study, NPAS Solutions, or NRG Residential Solar Solutions for solar panels, you could be eligible for a payout.

The Simply Money Point: Until laws are in place to better protect you from robocalls, it's worth it to see if you might be able to profit from the inconvenience. Click or tap here to find out if you qualify.

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