Police rifle left unattended outside during response to domestic incident

Police investigating after officer's rifle left unattended

DAYTON, KY (FOX19) - After a domestic incident unfolded this week in northern Kentucky, a resident took a picture of a rifle leaning up against a nearby car and uploaded it to Facebook.

He also posted a video from the scene, during which he claims the rifle is unattended.

Since Wednesday afternoon, the post has garnered more than 1,000 shares and both responding law enforcement agencies have released statements on the matter.

The domestic incident took place on the 1000 block of 5th Avenue in Dayton, Ky. Police officers from Dayton and Bellevue responded.

Authorities say a man involved exited a home in the area and fired a round into the air. They say he was taken into custody and transported to a nearby hospital for treatment.

So whose gun was leaning against the car? Bellevue police released a lengthy statement Thursday saying it wasn't them, and there is body camera video to prove it:

While on scene, a Bellevue Officer was able to make contact with the father, who was in cell phone communication with his son. The son was in possession of multiple firearms inside the residence and refused to come out. The Bellevue officer established rapport with the son via cell phone and was able to talk the son out of the residence. At this time, the Bellevue officer had his department issued rifle and was behind cover. The son agreed to meet with the Bellevue officer, outside of the residence, if he would get rid of his patrol rifle. To establish a rapport, and end this situation peacefully, the Bellevue Officer handed his patrol rifle to a Dayton Police officer for safekeeping. Ultimately, the son surrendered to police and was taken into custody.

The video in the Facebook post appears to show a law enforcement officer retrieve the gun and bring it back to a cruiser belonging to Dayton police.

Dayton police officials, however, have released a statement of their own saying it wasn't their rifle

Unfortunately, during the course of the incident, another agency's patrol rifle was accidentally set down when the officers were going "hands on" with the suspect. Thank you to the neighbors for making this observance and bringing it to the officer's attention. It is unfortunate that this accident happened, but we as police officers are human and do make mistakes.

Authorities say no one was injured in the domestic incident.

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