Dr. Larry Nassar case another reminder of the importance of local journalism

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - This week, we saw a specific and shocking example of why local journalism is so important.

Former gymnastics sports doctor, Larry Nassar, was sentenced for to up to 175 years in jail for sexually assaulting women athletes. The testimony by these young women was heartbreaking.

The prosecutor in the case told the judge that we as a society need investigative journalists now more than ever. That's because the reason Nassar was caught was an investigative story about sexual abuse in gymnastics from the Indianapolis Star.

That investigation prompted gymnasts to talk about Nassar's abuse, which eventually led to his arrest and conviction.

Consider this: there is so much talk about "fake news" in this day and age, but let's separate talk radio and cable television from local journalism. Let's support the men and women in local TV and newspapers. They live here, cover our communities and keeping our elected officials accountable.

As the prosecutor said, federal law enforcement, trainers, and school officials couldn't stop this monster. But journalists exposed the truth.

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