String of Hotel Robberies

Downtown Cincinnati was lit up with red and blue police cruiser lights early Wednesday morning, after another hotel was robbed.

An armed robber took money from the Terrace Hotel front desk clerk for the second time in ten days. In between robberies there, the downtown Hilton was also hit.

About 1:30 Wednesday morning police got a call about the latest robbery. Within minutes, dozens of officers had the large hotel surrounded. "[Police] had a whole plan of action because of recent robberies that occurred down here," Lt. Kurt Byrd of the Cincinnati Police says. "To come down and immediately contain the outside of the hotel area."

After that was done, the SWAT team was sent into the building, hoping the robber was still inside. "And if you can imagine; a large hotel and all the rooms and service areas that they have, it's just a long, slow, tedious search."

One that turned up nothing in several hours. If you have any information on any of the robberies, please call Crimestoppers at 352-3040.