Man accused of following girls in Middletown turns himself in

Credit: Middletown Municipal Court
Credit: Middletown Municipal Court

MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - The man accused of following young girls in his car has turned himself in.

The Middletown Municipal Court says that David Smith, 33, turned himself in and is facing two counts of public indecency.

As of Monday morning, Smith remained in the Butler County jail, but the court clerk said he is expected to be released on the conditions of home monitoring.

As a condition of the home monitoring, Smith is ordered to stay at least one-thousand feet away from any school and he will be monitored through a GPS.

Smith is expected to be back in court on Feb. 6.

Police say Smith is now facing several charges. Police have been looking into reports of Smith following children since December.

The past few weeks, parents and children have been looking both ways while walking their children to and from the bus stops. Traffic hasn't been the concern -- instead, they were watching out for an orange car following young females.

Angelica Day captured a video of the man trailing behind her last week.

Allen Back says his daughter was a victim two weeks ago.

"The bus stop is about three blocks from here and she noticed him as soon as she got off of the bus. When she got about two blocks away from her bus stop she took off running and ran all the way home," said Back.

A picture of his car was captured on their home surveillance video, which helped police track him down.

Police say Smith is connected to four different reports.

"He did talk to one of the people, but he had no physical contact with anybody," said Maj. Scott Reeve, with the Middletown Police Department.

Police say they are not sure if the encounters would have escalated to him inviting a child in his car.

"At this point, it just appears he's a sexual deviant. Watching people and gratifying himself in public while he's doing it," said Reeve.

Several parents believe Smith's intentions were more sinister and the man was waiting for the opportunity to take a child.

"Sometimes people don't take it to the next step where they make physical contact and you just don't know if he's one of those individuals. He's married and he has children and we have looked into possible problems at home," said Reeve.

Police say Smith is being charged with two counts of public indecency. His attorney is expected to turn him in to police on Monday.

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