Sheriff makes Hollywood debut in Ted Bundy film

COVINGTON, KENTUCKY (FOX19) - A local sheriff made his Hollywood debut Saturday in a movie about one of the most notorious serial killers of the late 20th century.

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones said he had two tiny speaking parts a movie about Ted Bundy starring Zac Efron.

But he shot scenes at the jail in Kenton County, not his own.

"It was cool to do it," Jones said Saturday night. "I was surrounded by real movie stars and people who work hard and bring money to the communities where they are at."

The sheriff insisted he can't divulge much about his performance in "Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile" until producers give him permission.

He can say he was told to show up at the Kenton County Detention Center on Court Street in Covington dressed in cowboy boots, hat and 70s attire.

"I had a hard time finding a tie that looked 70s, so they gave me one," Jones said.

He refused to be paid, but his roles will earn him a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) card.

"I did it for the fun of it," the sheriff said.

He met Efron Friday night, back at the Butler County Jail in Hamilton.

The actor shot several scenes in one of the jail pods into the wee hours Saturday morning.

"I had my picture taken with him, but I can't release it until the movie comes out," Jones said, adding that Efron "is a very nice guy."

"He had a sense of humor and this is the second or third movie we've had done at our jail. It brings money to the community. They buy food, they buy gas, they stay in hotels.  The city manager in Hamilton makes this happen. Josh Smith. He encouraged these movies to come to town. It's gives them all kinds of benefits. It's part of the economy."

The movie also filmed Friday at the state prison in Lebanon and earlier this week at the Clermont County Jail.

It documents the crimes of the notorious serial killer who assaulted, raped and murdered several young women and girls four decades ago.

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It's not the first time Tinsel Town has come calling for the outspoken sheriff who overwhelmingly won re-election of his fourth term in 2016.

The mafia biopic "Gotti" starring John Travolta filmed scenes at the jail last year, but Jones didn't appear on camera.

Producers for the Bundy film, however, recruited Jones to get ready for his close up months ago.

A busload of them pulled at the Butler County Jail as they scouted potential shooting sites for the film set in Utah at a time when most men wore cowboy hats.

They took one look at the sheriff in his trademark Stetson and the rest, as they say, was Hollywood history.

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