Police officer buys socks, boots for man without shoes; Takes him to McDonald's

Police officer buys socks, boots for man without shoes; Takes him to McDonald's
Credit: Loveland Police
Credit: Loveland Police
Credit: Loveland Police
Credit: Loveland Police

LOVELAND, OH (FOX 19) - Loveland police are being praised after one of their officers helped a man without socks and shoes.

"Service and Integrity mean routinely going above and beyond the call of duty," Loveland policed posted on Facebook.

"When Officer Chad Caudell saw someone walking around without shoes or socks he didn't hesitate. He bought him shoes and socks and took him to McDonalds. McDonalds made sure the man got a hot meal. Thank you Officer Caudell and McDonalds! Loveland Rocks!!"

Officers were dispatch to the scene near the intersection of Riverside Drive and West Loveland Avenue to if they could find the man wearing no shoes. By the time they arrived he was gone, so they kept looking.

They later found the man not too far away from that intersection, he had made it to the 200 hundred block of Elm Street. He was homeless.

"We got together and collaborated and thought it'd be a good idea to run him down to the Goodwill to purchase him a pair of shoes." said Caudell.

Officer Caudell bought shoes for the gentleman who was appreciative and all smiles. This is him here. He picked out these brown boots, another officer bought him some fresh socks.

"Our job is more than writing tickets and making arrest. Every day we have men and women in this department going out of their way to help people." said Caudell.

After getting him the new shoes, officers brought him to McDonald's for a bite to eat. A meal the restaurant decided should be on-the-house. 

"It kind of humbles you and makes you want to give back, just pay it forward in need when they are down and out." said Caudell.

We asked officer Caudell if he would do it again, "Of course, I would any officer in this department would. This happens every day, not only in the tri-state but across the nation officer are out there trying to make a positive impact on the community."

The post generated more than 400 likes so far and 70 positive comments from residents and other expressing pride and commendation for the officer and police department.

"That is so amazing and sweet. I'm so proud of my town and for this kind officer to help someone in need."

"Wish more people would stop and help when they see a person or animal in need. Thank you Officer Caudell. Hope more people will learn from your compassion. Do something! Don't just look and go awww. Do something!!!"

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