Experts say checking smartphone from bed may hinder sleep

Experts say checking smartphone from bed may hinder sleep

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Admit it -- you check your phone from bed. Many of us do. But that habit could be costing you sleep and money.

Braun Center researchers found 35 percent of us think about our phones first thing in the morning, followed by coffee, brushing our teeth, and, finally our significant others. That same study found 44 percent of millennials admit they often fall asleep holding their phones.

Here's why this matters: Doctors have found the artificial blue light emitted by your phone throws off your body's circadian rhythm (or internal clock). And that means you'll have a harder time falling asleep and staying asleep.

Other research has shown the strongest indicator of a poor night's sleep was using social media 30 minutes before bed. Research also shows we tend to make quicker and riskier decisions when we're tired.

In other words, you may regret that tweet or Facebook post the next morning.

This all plays a part in why Americans now spend more than $41 billion a year on sleep aids.

The Simply Money point: Sleep experts recommend you charge your phone in another room to remove the temptation. And read an actual book, rather than an e-book, before bed to eliminate the blue light issue.

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