Veteran CPD officer retires after crash, OVI

Veteran CPD officer retires after crash, OVI

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A veteran Cincinnati police officer retired this week after he was cited with an OVI and running a red light and causing a crash, over the weekend, FOX19 NOW has learned.

Officer Louis Becker retired Tuesday, a police spokesman said.

It came just three days after his own colleagues cited him with driving under the influence of drugs and or alcohol and a red light violation following the accident on Central Parkway.

Becker was driving his  2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee westbound on West McMillan Street when he ran a red light and his vehicle struck a northbound 2016 Toyota Corolla on Central Parkway, causing damage at 1:10 a.m. Saturday, according to a crash report.

The driver of the Toyota, 20, requested medication for pain but no serious injuries were reported, according to police reports.

Becker, who works in District 3, already had given his retirement notice and last day on the job before this happened, police say.

He is scheduled to appear at Thursday afternoon in Hamilton County Municipal Court, his citation shows.

His driver's license was automatically suspended because he refused to submit to a breathalyzer test to measure his level of intoxication, according to workers at Hamilton County Clerk of Court.

Becker has been with Cincinnati police more than 25 years and is a military veteran, said Sgt. Dan Hils, president of the police union.

"I've always had a lot of respect for Lou and I wish him well in his retirement," Hils said, declining further comment.

Becker did not respond to a request for comment Wednesday and his personnel file is not yet available for review.

A police incident detail report shows someone named Don from Buckeye Towing called city dispatch and "reported getting a call from a 'Louis' that he is (on scene) in a 2007 Jeep Cherokee that was involved in an (accident) and that he did not want the PO called. Sounds poss intox, (advised Don) 'He just wants to go home.'"

Don Korte, owner of Buckeye Towing in Delhi Township, confirmed Wednesday he called city dispatch early Saturday to report what seemed like a "suspicious" incident.

He said he didn't respond to the accident and tow the SUV as requested by the caller who described himself as "Louis" because it sounded suspicious.

"I didn't go. It did not sound right, just the way the guy was talking and he didn't want the police involved," Korte said. "He said someone hit him and took off. I told him to call the police. He didn't want the police involved."

Korte said he did not know Becker was a police officer.

Neither did the woman whose car he hit, Myela Carson.

"It's really disappointing," she said. "Those are the people we look up to and I'm disappointed. I'm 20. I was just trying to have a good night and I feel like he messed that up for me.

"It's just disappointing that he's a cop. I knew he was a veteran. Someone took a picture of his license plate and sent it to me and on the back of it, it said 'U.S. Veteran.' I'm surprised he was drinking and driving."

She said her relatives have spoken with Becker and he's expressed remorse to them.

"His car was totaled. He totaled both of our cars. My family said he said he was really sorry," she said.

Carson said she suspects Becker tried to leave the scene.

She said both of their cars wound up on the Western Hills Viaduct nearby after the accident.

"When he hit me, he spun my car, he wound up on the Western Hills Viaduct," she said.

She said she has neck, back and shoulder pain.

"I had surgery on my shoulder three years ago and I think the crash may have messed up my shoulder again. I"m not sure, I'll have to go back to my doctor for that," she said.

"The crash freaked me out. I'm scared to go through traffic lights. I am scared to really drive. I am just really taking it day by day."

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