Brown Co. investigators working second 'farmyard of horrors' case in two years


BROWN COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - Criminal charges are coming in what Brown County officials are calling their second "farmyard of horrors" case in two years time.

A property in Sardinia is at the center of the criminal investigation.

Chasity Cecil said she got a call about animals in poor conditions on the land and went to the residence over the weekend to check it out.

What she said she discovered was a stench so strong it was difficult to breathe and sights so gruesome they are too graphic for TV.

"It was hard to walk through there, see what you saw," Cecil said. "I can't even begin to describe the smells. It was terrible. It wreaked of death."

 Cecil contacted the Brown County dog wardens who went to the property to investigate. They said what they found is cruelty and neglect.

"Stunning how much people can disassociate themselves from the suffering of things that don't look like them," Joshua Davis, the chief dog warden, said.

According to officials, there was no food and no water, injured and sick animals, and nearly 30 dead, decaying animals, including a group of piglets that took their last breath snuggled together.

"Seeing them huddled like that and knowing they had been that cold and that hungry, knowing that's how they had to die, I hated it," Cecil said. "It killed me inside."

Cecil took the first couple of rounds of surviving animals from the property and is now fostering them at her home, including a rabbit, frostbit chickens, a petrified pig and an injured goat.

Another group of chickens is at the Brown County Humane Society.

"It always hurts your heart because nine times out of ten, it could have been avoided. It's just senseless," Davis said.

The journey to justice is just beginning, but the rescuers said they are ready to fight for the animals who made it out alive and for those who didn't.

"It's not necessary for animals to live like that or suffer like that at all," Cecil said.

Investigators said charges could be filed as soon as Thursday. Once that happens, they will identify the suspects.

The dog wardens hope to adopt out the rescued animals and want to remind people that they are available to help anyone who cannot care for their animals.

If you would like to donate to help cover the costs of the surviving animals medical care, Cecil set up a GoFundMe page. You can also donate to the Brown County Humane Society. Joseph's Legacy rescue is also taking donations in a partnership with Cecil.

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