Feds: Cincinnati-area heroin ring was sending drug money to Mexico

Feds: Cincinnati-area heroin ring was sending drug money to Mexico

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Six people are charged with running a drug trafficking ring in the greater Cincinnati area, the U.S. Justice Department announced Thursday.

Agents arrested five of the suspects Wednesday, including a Fairfield resident who was trying to flee to the country. Dallas Police officers stopped a Mexico-bound bus and took Miguel Monroy-Cuadros into custody, the DEA said.

Authorities said Monroy-Cuadros supplied the heroin while another member of the group wired drug money to Mexico. They stashed drugs and money at an Oxford farm where two of the suspects lived, authorities said.

Authorities have been surveying the group since September 2017 when undercover agents bought heroin from one of the suspects. A federal judge authorized the agency to wiretap the suspects' phones.

Investigators intercepted calls and observed drug buys on numerous occasions between October 2017 and January 2018.

"Search warrants obtained on Tuesday were executed at the farm in Oxford and a residence in Fairfield, Ohio. Several firearms – strategically located as-if for defense against home invasion – were found in the home in Oxford, as well as 300 grams of heroin. Agents discovered several money transfer receipts at the home in Fairfield," officials wrote in a press release.

The suspects:

  • Miguel Monroy-Cuadros, 29, of Fairfield
  • Annel Reyes-Valdes, 28, of Fairfield
  • Armando Gonzalez-Rosas, 25, of Fairfield
  • Felix Garcia-Rosas, 30, of Liberty Township
  • Omar Santos, 27, of Oxford
  • Armando Reyes, 36, of Oxford.

Garcia Rosas remains at large.

All six suspects are charged with conspiracy to possess and distribute more than 1,000 grams of heroin.

Gonzalez-Rosas and Garcia-Rosas are also charged with distribution of heroin. Monroy-Cuadros, Santos and Reyes are each also charged with possession with intent to distribute more than 100 grams of heroin. In addition, Santos and Reyes were each also charged with unlawful possession of firearms.

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