Glendale residents debate new UDF location

Glendale residents debate new UDF location
Rendering (Source: Glendale)
Rendering (Source: Glendale)

GLENDALE, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati-based United Dairy Farmers has filed an application for appropriateness and for a Conditional Use Permit with the Glendale Planning and Historic Preservation Commission.

The building permit application is for a new UDF store with gasoline dispensers, replacing the now closed service/gasoline station at 300 E. Sharon and the vacant office building immediately behind it at 1034 N. Troy.

People on both sides spoke up at a public hearing held Monday in Glendale.

This type of business is permitted in Glendale as described in the zoning code, under conditional use provisions, if recommended for approval by the commission and ultimately confirmed by the Village Council. The commission is now in the process of reviewing the application.

If you did not attend the meeting but wish to offer thoughts on the UDF application, please email comments to

Here are a few things the commission has learned:

  • Plans include razing the current service/gasoline station and office building behind it. The applicant reports having purchase contracts for both parcels.
  • A new UDF store, smaller than normal stores, is proposed at 4,693 square feet and includes a fueling station canopied island with 4 duel gasoline dispensers.
  • The proposed store would sell groceries, milk, eggs, ice cream, deli sandwiches, supplies, beverages, convenience items, snacks, etc.
  • Ingress and egress (4 driveways) are displayed; 2 each on N. Troy and Sharon.
  • 26 parking spaces are proposed, split between the front and rear of the store.
  • The structure would be made of brick, wood, and stone with residential characteristics; architectural renderings are available online.
  • Signage is included on the main building, the gas canopy and a ground-based stone monument sign at the corner of Sharon and N. Troy.
  • Buffering and screening from adjacent properties is proposed via landscaping on four sides and a 6’ solid fence on the eastern border.
  • An outside trellis patio with seating is proposed, adjacent to the inside ice cream parlor.
  • 24 employees would be hired; a combination of full time, part-time, and summer jobs.   Each employee is assigned to keep the store and parking lot clean/free of litter.
  • Initially, the store would be open 24 hours a day,  7 days a week for a one month grand opening period, but afterward would typically adjust their hours, possibly closing at 11:00 pm (a sales study is reportedly done after opening to determine their best hours of operation).
  • Reduced level lighting has been incorporated outside of the building (parking lot) with the intent of eliminating trespass light onto adjacent properties. A photometrics plan is included in their application.

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