Tiffany's leaving downtown Cincinnati

Tiffany's leaving downtown Cincinnati

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Another business is leaving downtown Cincinnati, but this one isn't going very far.

Jewelry store Tiffany's is closing it's downtown location after 20 years and moving to a new store at the Kenwood Towne Centre.

This comes a month after Macy's announced they would close-up shop downtown.

The downtown Cincinnati store manager, Susanne Halmi, tells FOX19 that this is a 'great move' for Tiffany's.

Halmi says all 15 employees will retain their jobs.

"Tiffany's was a great addition to our downtown. We're certainly going to miss them. it was very prestigious when they came in, but they have their business plan and business model," CEO of Downtown Cincinnati David Ginsburg said.

In a statement put out Tuesday, the company said:

"Tiffany & Co. has been honored to be part of the revitalization of downtown Cincinnati over the past 20 years.

Jamie Wright said  spending her money downtown means paying for parking with fewer shopping choices.

"It just means no one wants to come downtown and fight to park and pay to park, when they can ride to Kenwood and park at several stores," she said.

Rodney Ichikawa said he prefers shopping downtown versus shopping online.

"In person, because you have that touch, that feel, that kind of connection with the products. Even for Tiffany's, people like to go in, try it on and see it on their hand, their wrist, or neck or what have you," he said.

Ginsburg said he expects phones between commercial realtors and developers have been ringing since FOX19 NOW broke this story, and that this prime property will find a new tenant that'll be a great fit for the busy corner.

Halmi sais no date has been set for when the downtown location will close but it's expected to happen sometime in the fourth quarter of this year.

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