A definitive ranking of 'Singing Principal' Chad Caddell's performances

A definitive ranking of 'Singing Principal' Chad Caddell's performances

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A fun storyline this winter has been Union Pointe Academy principal Chad Caddell serenading the Internet every time he has decided to close the school.

For those who haven't seen, Caddell, now nicknamed the "Singing Principal," picks a song, gives it the Weird Al treatment, and relays snow day information to parents and students while he does it. The videos, understandably, were a hit on Facebook, garnering national attention.

He'll soon appear on the Steve Harvey show, according to our partners at the Cincinnati Enquirer.

But looking back through the videos, it's hard not to start quietly ranking them in your head. So that's exactly what we've decided to do.


One important note about Caddell is that he used to be an elementary school drama teacher. Someone may have been able to guess that about him from watching these videos, but it really shows in the "Blank Space" announcement, which was a little too much sizzle and not enough steak.

Wardrobe: B
Lyrics: C+
Song choice: A
Vocal Performance: B

This was the only current pop song for Caddell. It's hard to knock him for choosing buzz-worthy tune as he, himself, was going viral, but somehow this video (his third) didn't land.

3. In the beginning was Mariah

Caddell's first video was very good. He bundled up, went outside, and tried to sing the Mariah Carey song "Hero," which is no easy task. I'm not sure an argument could be made that this video was his best or his worst.

Wardrobe: B
Lyrics: B+
Song choice: B
Vocal Performance: A-


If you've ever sung karaoke, you know it's impossible to get this Garth Brooks classic wrong. In Caddell's second video, the pitch was slow and straight and he launched it into the left-field bleachers. Can song choice and a cowboy hat alone carry someone to karaoke glory? The answer, quite simply, is yes.

Wardrobe: A
Lyrics: A
Song choice: A+
Vocal Performance: A-


On Wednesday, another wintry blast hit the Tri-State. Many wondered what Caddell was going to do next. "Can he top Snow Places?" some may have thought to themselves.

To cut to the chase, this was another home run and easily his best video, from the wig (The wig!) to the vocal performance to the lyrics. (For those thinking, 'Wasn't Snow Places also a home run?' It was. But this was a better home runkind of like the home run in the movie Angels in the Outfield when the angel helps the guy rip the actual leather off of the ball.)

Wardrobe: A+
Lyrics: A
Song choice: A
Vocal performance: A+

Caddell really left it all on the floor Wednesday, and we thank him for it.

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