Love on a dime: Looking for love for less

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Finding love is happening more and more often nowadays with the help of technology. Many singles now turn to dating apps and sites to try to find that special someone, but you may not need a pricey service to meet the right person.

Amy Wray is a single young professional in Cincinnati, looking for love. That search often starts with her smart phone, and a range of dating apps.

Wray said she's had some luck this way, including a relationship that lasted a year. But she also has some horror stories. Like the first date who asked to borrow her car battery, so he could drive them to the restaurant for dinner.

"You can be very pretty on paper... you can put lipstick on a pig, but a pig is still a pig," she said.

Aside from the occasional dud meeting people can pricey.

At the high end of things are matchmaking services. You could pay several thousand dollars for a matchmaker's customized help. Then there are online dating services like, or EHarmony. Those will cost you at least $20 a month, depending on the subscription.

But Wray said paying a premium can mean a better crop of romantic prospects.

"I feel like when you do a premium package, you're gonna meet more people who are like interested in finding a relationship or long term, or true love, instead of hookups, like the Tinder era," she said.

Then there are the free dating apps many 20 and 30-somethings use. Some of the most popular ones are OK Cupid, Hinge, Tinder, and Bumble.

"I like Bumble, because when you connect with someone, the woman has to approach, and you also don't get a whole lot of unsolicited messages, either," Wray said.

But meeting singles in 2018 can happen offline, too. The Rook in OTR calls itself Cincinnati's first Board Game Parlor, with a full-service bar and restaurant, and themed nights. The fun atmosphere can take some of the pressure off for singles.

The Rook has more than 800 board games, ranging from old favorites like Clue and Monopoly to newer games, like "Would You Rather", which can be good ice-breakers.

If bars aren't your bag, you could also try out a free site like MeetUp to find singles interested in the same things you are. Simply Money found groups that attend FC Cincinnati, Bengals or Reds games together, groups for Spanish speakers, scuba divers and more.

Many Tri-State churches and synagogues offer social events and programs aimed at young professionals, too.

Amy Wray is sticking with the dating apps for now and is hopeful the time she's putting into it will pay off soon in a true love.

"I'm definitely hopeful that he's out there, and I'll find it," she said.

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