Joey Votto's message: 'We owe the fans a much better show'

GOODYEAR, AZ (FOX19) - Fresh off the field after his first full day of spring training in Goodyear, Joey Votto sat down for interviews and had one message to deliver.

"I'm so tired of losing," Votto said. "I know everyone at home is too, but I don't want to be comfortable with it. I don't want it to be OK."

Fox19 NOW asked Votto, who finished second in the MVP voting last year, won an MVP in 2010 and is widely considered one of the best players in baseball, if the Reds are ready to win again.

"I think often about the Reds fanbase and the last thing I would want them to feel is a sense of apathy," Votto said. "I don't want one year to carry over four to carry over to a decade. That really bothers me and I'm fearful of that. Selfishly, I have a limited number of years left in my career, I desperately want to win two rings, not one, two rings. I don't want the conversation to always be in the rebuilding vein. It needs to get going now."

Wearing a shirt that says, "Winning Starts Now," Votto was asked what that means to him in 2018. Votto shrugged and said he didn't even know what the shirt said – he called it, "Propaganda."

Votto, now 34 years old, is entering his 12th season in the majors with the Reds. Four straight years of losing has already taken away a huge chunk of his prime. Change needs to come now and Votto believes Reds fan deserve better.

"We've got to make a major turn this year and we have to head in a positive direction," said Votto. "We can't lose the people of Cincinnati. I would like to think it's a baseball city and we owe the baseball fans of Cincinnati a much, much better show."

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