Thursday is National Chili Day

Thursday is National Chili Day

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Thursday is National Chili Day, a "holiday" that is near and dear to hearts (and stomachs) across greater Cincinnati.

The Queen City is no stranger to chili. We've coined our own "Cincinnati-style" that's a staple at dozens of parlous in the Tri-State.

Word to the wise: if you want to live comfortably in Cincinnati, don't bash the chili. Here are from fun facts about the Queen City's favorite meal:

Cincinnatians consume more than 2 million pounds of chili each year, topped by 850,000 pounds of shredded cheddar cheese, according to the Cincinnati USA Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Cincinnati chili pioneers came from northeastern Greece, specifically from a region called Macedonia.

The original Cincinnati-style chili parlor was called "Empress Chili." In 1922, brothers Tom and John Kiradjieff, Macedonian immigrants, began serving their seasoned meat sauce to theatre patrons in a small shop next to the Empress Theatre in downtown Cincinnati.

An employee of Empress Chili left and opened his own restaurant across the river. John Sarakatsannis stopped in at the Empress Chili parlor looking for work. "Put on an apron," the owner told him. Sarakatsannis decided he could develop his own chili recipe and find a location away from Empress so he wouldn't compete. And thus we have Dixie Chili in Newport.

Foodbank Donations Thursday

On Thursday, if you buy a regular three-way at Gold Star, the chain will make a donation to Freestone Foodbank.

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