Ft. Mitchell police want to know how this thief drove a $162K Mercedes right off the lot

FT MITCHELL, KY (FOX19) - Ft. Mitchell police want to know who walked up to a white Mercedes and drove it right off an area lot.

A surveillance camera at a Mercedes dealer in Ft. Mitchell captured the incident. The big mystery here is how the pair pulled it off.

A man and a woman recently stole a Mercedes S550 Maybach with a list price of more than $162,000. Security footage shows the woman approaching the car with a salesman during daylight hours. At the top of the screen, the male suspect returns to his car and does something inside the trunk.

"He said he didn't need to drive it, he was doing some legwork for his father because his father had one and was thinking of replacing it, so he was doing his due diligence, as he said," said Don Paparella, with the dealership.

Paparella says they didn't need to see a driver's license because the car was not going to be driven.

The dealer did get some information from the suspects, but police say authorities in Indiana were sent to check out the address and phone number the couple used and the residence is vacant and currently up for sale. The phone number is a tavern in Valparaiso.

A few nights after the car was looked over, a man was caught on camera walking directly to the vehicle. He's able to open the door right away and get inside. The video shows the suspect sitting there for about 15 seconds before he starts the car up and drives it away.

The general manager says it took them a little while to realize the car was not on the lot, as it is not unusual for cars to move around at dealerships.

Police, along with the dealership, say they are floating a couple of scenarios. One, the suspects were able to get a hold or somehow copy the key. Or, two, they used some type of portable computer hacking software to read the microchip inside the key itself.

Paparella says he's confident they will eventually get the expensive car back.

"Fort Mitchell's been great to us and you know it's just very disheartening, you know when you try really hard to do the right thing and some criminals just decide they're going to do criminal things and it just hurts everybody," he said.

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