Serial purse snatcher strikes again?

FLORENCE, KY (FOX19) - A man wanted by several Tri-State police departments for targeting women and is racking up a bit of a reputation as a serial purse snatcher.

His name is Charles Bradley Chandler, Jr.

And now, a new video is out of a man fitting his description stealing from another woman.

What we see as a pretty awful thing to do is almost becoming business as usual for the suspect wanted for questioning by at least eight different departments as he dives in and out of passenger doors taking women's purses. Time and time again we've watched this scene unfold at gas stations, cemeteries, and even a school.

Now police are looking into whether or not Charles Bradley Chandler, Jr. is connected to this latest incident in Florence, Ky. Detectives with the Florence Police Department released video of a man matching Chandler's description rolling through a busy gas station, leaning in the front seat and snatching a woman's purse.

"Unfortunately he's a bad individual," said Detective Russ Kenney. "I mean, he's not a murderer or kidnapper but he is someone who does prey off of individuals and does commit a theft."

Milford police pulled his prints from an elderly victim's car.

The detective unit in Florence told FOX19 NOW they would be in contact with Milford and some of the other departments that have warrants out for Charles Chandler's arrest. At this point, it's hard to find a department that doesn't know Chandler's name around the 275 loop.

Anyone with information on where Chandler may be is asked to contact their local police department or CrimeStoppers.

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