Cincinnati Parks workers prepare Smale Park for more flooding

Cincinnati Parks workers prepare Smale Park for more flooding
Photo: Cincinnati Police Twitter account

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati Parks workers will have to repair landscaping after the Ohio River recedes, but for now much of what beautifies Smale Riverfront Park has been stowed away or is under water.

Corrie Carswell Cincinnati Parks Horticulturalist for Smale Park said their crews had just finished mulching the park and the tulips are getting ready to sprout, but now the flood waters have crept up the banks encroaching on the park and destroying the completed spring landscaping work.

"We work exclusively at Smale, so this is our baby, so watching it go under water is a little hard, but I know we'll get it all cleaned up," said Carswell, "It's a little heartbreaking, yeah."

Carswell said they began the removal process of "anything under the Roebling Bridge" on Friday to try and save supplies and park features. She said crews removed the restrooms, covered up the tulips under a tarp, removed the remaining unplaced mulch, and other park items.

"They took out the foot piano, all the garbage cans, we have a lot of flower pots. So we just worked all day to try and move everything," said Carswell, "A lot of it we moved under the Moerlein garage and then we found out that was going to be under water, too, so we had to move it all out by the end of the day. It was just a very busy day."

Carswell said she's afraid despite their efforts much of Smale Park's completed spring landscaping will have to be redone.

"Well you can see over there the bulbs are just being swept away. Everything will be gone, it will just be scoured away…so we'll just have to start over. It's OK, we'll get it done."

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