Floodwaters invade downtown Aurora

Floodwaters invade downtown Aurora

AURORA, IN (FOX19) - The flooding has shut down a good portion of downtown Aurora in Indiana, and now that the river has crested, the fire department is working to dry things out.

"We're very limited on our pumps and we're trying to do what we can. We can't help everybody but we're trying to help the ones we can and some of them that we do pump out it's just coming right back up through the system or through the basement," Fire Chief Jeff Lane said.

Dearborn County residents are comparing this to the flood 21-years ago.

"This happened in 1997, which I wasn't alive... I wish I was and this is pretty crazy for me I've never seen it this high. A couple of months ago there was another flood but not as big as this," resident Landon Verdon said.

Chief Lane was the assistant chief two decades ago when the water rolled in and said cleanup went quick then.

"It only took about a week the last time, so we're hoping. And, as you came in Aurora you see water everywhere... all over the little league fields, all under the football fields, parking lots and so we want to get that all out of the way," he said.

There are a lot of businesses and homes in the downtown area that are impacted by the flood waters.

For those displaced by the flood the Red Cross has shelter on stand-by at Lawrenceburg High School.

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