Curfew set in Silver Grove until water starts to recede

Curfew set in Silver Grove until water starts to recede
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SILVER GROVE, KY (FOX19) - In Silver Grove, KY, fire crews are working around the clock to make sure residents are staying safe with high waters still presenting problems.

The Campbell County command post is in Silver Grove but they're servicing several nearby communities. They're keeping an eye on where the water is high, and checking it every hour.

"In the past three days a lot of water has come in from the creeks," Fire Chief Kerry Moore said.

From flooded roads to saturated homes, they're focused on keeping people safe whether it's discouraging drivers from going into high water or encouraging homeowners to evacuate.

"We want to remind people of course not to drive through it, not to get in it and play in it because the feces, bacteria, hazardous material, we don't know what's going to come out," Moore said.

So far several dozen people have left their houses behind, seeking shelter or staying with friends and family.  While some head out of town, fire crews are staying in city limits.

A curfew has been set until 7 a.m. Monday because of flooding impacting homes.

City leaders said residents won't be arrested for driving home from work or leaving for dinner, but if you're caught lingering in the streets or wading into water, you could end up in jail.

The idea is they want to keep people and their property safe.

Families looking to keep some of their property dry have been putting belongings on their porches, and that's what prompted the curfew - they want to prevent people from taking advantage of the situation and looting.

"We had a couple kids just out and about looking at the flood waters the other night. People being worried about their property and stuff like that, they have the right to defend it. We don't want accidents to happen. Somebody's around that's not supposed to be there, and people have the right to protect themselves, and that's one other thing we don't want to have to deal with. It's an inconvenience for people but it's a necessary evil," Fire Captain Eric Noble said.

The mayor said the curfew will stay in place until the water starts to recede and is no longer a big issue.

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