Police: No charges for driver who hit 3 juveniles

Vehicle strikes 3 kids in Erlanger; no charges for driver, police say

ERLANGER, KY (FOX19) - Charges are not expected against the driver who struck three middle school children as they walked to class Monday morning.

Police said they did increase patrols, however, after one of the youngsters was seriously hurt in the accident at the intersection of Commonwealth Avenue and Baker Street just before 8 a.m.

The three students who were struck were among a total of six walking to Tichenor Middle School when they ran to cross Commonwealth Avenue, according to police.

All three who were hurt were taken to Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. The intersection was closed for more than an hour while police investigated.

Two of the three students were treated and released. The third remained to continue treatment but is expected to be OK, FOX19 NOW has learned.

Andre Alvarez, 12, still had a bandage on his leg Monday night he and his mother, Stormy Gunter, recounted his ordeal.

He said he was the lucky one.

"They were walking to school," his mother said. "Andre said they were in the crosswalk. The light was yellow and him and Kyle decided to have a race. He said the next thing he knew, Kyle was in the air and landed in the middle of intersection."

One child hit the windshield of the car before he was thrown in the air, she said.

Then, the second student was struck.

"When he was hit, the mirror smacked him in the face," she said, "and I guess the force from that flung him because he had road rash from being flung across the road."

Andre was able to walk away with a few scratches.

He said the taillight of the car hit his leg.

He was still shaken up after seeing his friends down in the road afterward, bleeding.

"I was pretty scared," Andre said. "I looked at him. He wasn't talking or anything. He was just standing still."

Erlanger police said the woman driving the car had the right-of-way, so she will not be charged.

The traffic signal was green, and police said she told them she didn't see the students.

"I don't know if there was a vehicle blocking her view, but she was traveling straight on Commonwealth," said Sgt. Brandon Marksbery.

The children ended up running in front of her vehicle, and that's when she hit them, he said.

Andre's mother still has questions.

"How do you hit three kids before you stop?" She said. "It's not like they were clustered together. It was boom, boom, boom. The third was hit then she stopped."

Police said the school district has a crossing guard each day before and after school.

The guard was gone by the time Andre and his friends crossed the street, his mother said.

That, she said, needs to change.

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