Pet killed by coyote in Madeira neighborhood prompt tips from police

Pet killed by coyote in Madeira neighborhood prompt tips from police

MADEIRA, OH (FOX19) - Madeira police are reminding residents to keep a close eye on dogs and cats.

According to police, a pet was killed around the Fox Chase area and there have been several sightings reported.

Authorities said though mating season is over, pups are on their way, and it's a good time to remind residents of precautions.

The department offered these tips on their Facebook page:

  • Coyotes are generally nocturnal animals; although they can be active during the day, most activity takes place after dark.
  • Coyotes are very reclusive and are seldom aggressive unless provoked.
  • It is becoming more common for coyotes to be spotted in an urban or suburban environment; as they become more accustomed to humans, you may notice them more frequently.
  • If you do spot a coyote on or near your property, VERY assertively discourage coyotes by making loud noises and throwing rocks when they appear. Making them uncomfortable around your property will keep them from returning.
  • Do not feed coyotes! Eliminate any source of water, the availability of bird seed, do not discard edible garbage where coyotes can get to it, and remove any pet food from outside of your home.
  • Trim and clean to ground level any shrubbery that provides cover for coyotes.
  • Do not leave small children outside unattended.
  • Do not allow pets to run free, especially at night.

On their post, they suggest if you encounter one that does not respond and appears to be aggressive, to contact police at 513-272-4214.

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