Editorial: Make example out of those who post threats against children in school

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Another Cincinnati-area teenager was arrested this week and charged with making a school threat on social media.

A couple more students were arrested in Kenton County, Ky. this past week for the same thing. And they're not the only ones.

Police are dealing with these types of threats around the country, unnerving students, their parents, and teachers.

Two weeks ago, 17 students were killed in a school in Parkland, Fla.

Parkland was named Florida's safest city in 2017, showing that this type of thing can happen anywhere.

The Ohio-based Educator's School Safety Network says it has tracked almost 550 school threats since the Parkland shooting occurred:

  • More than 75 threats per day
  • 491 schools around the country
  • 50 states impacted

Ohio is the No. 1 state -- Kentucky is No. 5.

Many of these threats are meant as a hoax, or an unfunny joke, a pass to get out of school or show off to their friends.

But ask any student, parent, teacher, or police officer and they'll tell you this is NOT funny.

These young men and women who post threats against OUR children in OUR schools should be made an example of and prosecuted.

Some of these kids are now facing felony charges.

My guess? They'll miss school when they are sitting in jail.

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