Courage to keep playing: Local freshman hits hardwood with prosthetic leg

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - It's said sports don't build character, they reveal it.

There's nothing revealing about a handful of friends and a pick-up basketball game, but there is character sometimes just playing the game.

"There are times, you know, you feel like quitting," says Logan Fain's father, Jeff.

Real character isn't just accepting.

"It's just been a real inspiration to me as his dad," Jeff Fain says.

It's revealing what makes someone different, and how it can make that person a difference maker.

"I'm the one who's supposed to be inspiring to him," says Jeff Fain. "I'm the one who's supposed to be a help to him, but no, he's been a help to me."

The youngest in his family, Logan Fain is consumed by sports. The most natural athlete in an athletic family, the kid who could win almost anything, almost lost everything at just five-years-old.

"I think I was too young really to, like, realize it," he said.

His father says he was going down a water slide when another child came too early and pinched him against the wall, snapping his femur. A complication in surgery cut the circulation in the leg, forcing doctors to amputate above his knee.

"We had kind of resolved at that point that he was kind of done, as far as, even walking," said Jeff Fain. "They had put him in a wheelchair. We were devastated to think, man, not for us, but for him. To think about what he would have to face in life, so it was rough."

Logan says it's a hard memory. His family remembers him as devastated and depressed, but they never used the word disabled, because Logan Fain never needed that kind of crutch.

Fitted for a prosthetic leg within a year of the surgery, it's family and sports that brought Logan Fain back.

"There was no holding him back," his father said. "We wouldn't have even if we could have, but it's his heart. He just wanted to go, he wanted to play."

A flexible knee with a springy base -- Logan Fain is using the most advanced technology and using it to stay active.

"Yeah, I wouldn't race him," Jeff Fain joked.

Able to balance himself on a skateboard, Logan Fain is now balancing his first year of high school with his first year of playing high school basketball.

"When I'm in games and when I'm practicing, I don't even really think about it," he said.

And he doesn't talk much about it. Shooting baskets with friends, he's not self-conscious but is becoming more self-aware. That is the character. The courage to keep playing and keep living.

And at such a young age, start inspiring by simply revealing himself.

"It's definitely helped," he said. "I feel like it's definitely helped me, definitely encouraged me. Just want to help other people who are struggling."

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