Student who filmed fight at Middletown school faces unfair punishment, mother says

MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - A local mother says her child was suspended for recording a fight on her cellphone. Now, she's fighting for the school to reverse the decision.

The fight happened on Monday at Highview 6th Grade Center. The video only shows two girls involved, but several students were circling around.

The mother feels her daughter is being unfairly targeted. She says her daughter was not fighting but is now facing the same punishment as the girls who fought.

"When I got the phone call they said that (my daughter) knew about the fight and didn't report it even though the little girl had and that she recorded it, so she was going to be suspended for 10 days," the mother said.

FOX19 NOW reached out to the spokesperson for the school and the district superintendent. They did not respond to our calls.

According to the Student Handbook, cellphones must be turned off on school grounds. Staff will take cellphones away if a student is caught using one, which the mother says did happen.

"She was going back into the classroom and everybody know that (my daughter) was one of the people who had a video and so they pulled her in, grabbed her phone, and started deleting," said the mother. "They thought they had deleted the video."

But it was never erased. In the video, you can see several other students gathering around the fight.

"She wasn't egging them on," said the mother. "There were tons of kids in the video egging them on, cheering them and other kids taking video. They didn't get in trouble so I don't understand why she got in trouble."

She does admit that her child broke a rule, and says she's OK with some type of punishment but says a 10-day suspension is severe. She says when she talked to the assistant principal he threatened more time.

"He was really angry and said, 'No, we were just talking about it. We are considering expelling her for this now. She's the cause of all this. She's the reason it's all over social media and we don't want this on social media,'" the mother said.

The mother says she is now planning to file an appeal through the school district to reduce the suspension time.

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