Milkman accused of smuggling drugs into Ohio prison


LEBANON, OH (FOX19) - Police said a milk delivery man is accused of bringing drugs, weapons and tobacco during his deliveries to an Ohio prison.

Warren County Prosecutor David Fornshell said a prison informant gave his office a tip about 50-year-old Ray Adams of Amanda, Ohio. They said he picked up the loaded milk cartons at a truck stop east of Lebanon.

"There are visitors that try to smuggle these items into the prison - in this instance it happened to be the milkman," Fornshell said.

He said Adams was in contact with an inmate at the Lebanon Correctional Facility who facilitated the deliveries and set up payments.

"As you can see these two milk cartons were glued together, the middle was hollowed out so that these cell phones could be conveyed into the institution," Trooper Nathan Stanfield said.

The trooper said prison officials inspected nearly 30,000 milk cartons brought into the facility by Adams and found 15 cells phones, about a pound of tobacco and about two pounds of marijuana.

Fornshell said there were several layers of people inside the prison who had to know the contraband was coming.

"It wasn't going to be a situation where this milk was just going to be passed out like a lottery and 30 lucky winners for day were going to marijuana or tobacco or cell phones. There were definitely people on the inside waiting for these items," he said.

Adams posted a $10,000 bond to get out of jail until his trial.

Fornshell said it's up to the judge, but if Adams is found guilty, he could do his time at the Lebanon Correctional Facility where he once was served as the prison's milkman.

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