Gov. Kasich announces proposal to combat gun violence in Ohio

Gov. Kasich announces proposal to combat gun violence in Ohio
Gov. John Kasich (Associated Press/file)

Ohio Governor John Kasich announced a six-part proposal to combat gun violence in the state on Thursday.

The Governor was joined by a team of state leaders that he assembled to draft the proposal at the Statehouse in Columbus.

"One of our hallmarks over the period of the last 7 years plus is that I've believe is that you can always bring people together to find common purpose." Kasich said.

The Governor said that he assembled the group to represent all sides in the gun debate, but stressed that no one in the group is opposed to the Second Amendment.

"Nobody is interested in some slippery slope of trying to go and grab everybody's guns. But there was diversity in this group." Kasich said.

Two items were discussed early on as part of the proposal, said Kasich; a gun violence restraining order and updates and improvements to NICS.

NICS is the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

Kasich says that multiple states have already enacted a gun violence restraining order and the group he assembled was 'strongly in favor' of the order.

"It's the right thing to do to Not allow mentally disturbed or people who are emotionally disturbed to be able to hold a gun." Kasich said.

The Governor also commended the press for 'pointing out the difficulties' local jurisdictions have had when it comes to being able to update the gun reporting system.

Director of the Ohio Department of Public Safety John Borne was part of drafting the proposal and explained that there are six parts to the plan including a gun violence restraining order and update to NICS.

"This would allow certain people defined by law to petition court to require a person to temporarily relinquish their fire arms if it's determined by clear and convincing evidence that they are a threat to themselves or others." Borne said of the gun violence restraining order.

Borne also stressed that due process would be in place.

The third proposal is to keep fire arms from domestic violence offenders and 'other prohibited people.'

"Ohio law should be updated to mirror existing federal law with an automatic prohibition preventing anyone convicted of domestic violence or subject to domestic violence protection order from buying or possessing a fire arm." Borne said.

The Governor's proposal plan would also strengthen Ohio's stance on 'straw man purchases.'

Borne said that the proposal would have Ohio law mirror federal law and specifically prohibit purchases of fire arms for third parties even if the third party is legally allowed to buy or own a fire arm.

The fifth proposal would prohibit the sale of armor piercing ammunition which would also be modeled after federal law.

Accessories like bump stocks would also be banned under Kasich's proposal.