Loose emu found dead in Butler County

BUTLER COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - An emu was found dead this week after escaping an area farm Wednesday afternoon.

"I was picking my son up from school and we were driving down Cotton Road which parallels right here and we came to stop because he saw something out in the field and it was kind of like, at first we thought maybe a turkey but then as we got closer we realized it was kind of tall," said Butler County resident Stephanie Reardon.

Emus can grow to about five or six feet, and it can be quite the sight when an emu gets that nine-foot stride in motion. It can clock speeds of 30 mph.

"I was thinking emu in my head and I was like surely that's not an emu -- I mean, this is Butler County," said Reardon. "Like, there's not an emu in Butler County but apparently there's a local, I guess, a company or a farm that rescues wildlife."

The bird's owner told FOX19 NOW the animal was found dead. He believes someone shot it.

"Everybody was talking about going and wrangling it and talking about how -- I guess they kick really bad and they have claws and stuff," said Reardon.

The average lifespan for an emu in the wild is about 10 to 20 years. They can live much longer in a zoo or controlled environment.

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